Carbon Steel

Uses for Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a type of metal alloy that contains both carbon and iron. Depending upon the amount of carbon in the alloy, carbon steel comes in four grades: low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, and ultra-high carbon steel. These variations have many uses across different industries that require heavy-duty metal material. Carbon steel can be used in aircraft construction, to create fences and gates, for automobile parts, in the structure of ships, to make tools, and to manufacture cast iron pots.

  • 1045 Turned Ground Polished Carbon Steel
  • 1018 Seven Eights Inch Square Carbon Steel
  • 1144 Carbon Steel One Half Inch Round
  • 1018 Three Fourths Inch Round Carbon Steel



1018 is a mild/low carbon steel with excellent weldability and produces a uniform and harder case. It is easily formed, machined, welded, and fabricated.


12L14 is known as the fastest machining bar product as a result of a fine distribution of lead particles throughout the alloy.


1215 provides a good surface finish and brazing properties. It is best used for screw machine parts that will not be subject to severe stress.

1144 StressProof/Stress Relieved

STRESSPROOF is a trademark product produced by Niagara LaSalle with a patented process consisting of drawing the bar through a special die under heavy draft, then stress relieves it in a precisely controlled furnace. It provides excellent machinability, extended tool life, and resistance to fatigue and stress.

Stress Relieved is produced by various mills providing comparable characteristics.

1045 Turn, Ground, and Polished

A medium carbon steel offering a tighter diameter tolerance, straighten, and minimize wear in high speed applications. Material is stored in cardboard tubes to maintain surface finish.